Captive Spark’s fully equipped fabrication shop allows us to produce the highest quality work to meet the unique demands of our clients. 

Our skilled team of designers, craftsmen, and vendors have the skill and capability to handle large-scale, labor-intensive projects and the production of high quality finished products. Through a meticulous planning process and state-of-the-art design and fabrication, Captive Spark brings our client’s vision to life. We offer an extensive range of services as part of our custom fabrication solutions.


Captive Spark transforms everyday utilitarian items into artfully executed design elements.


Captive Spark’s technical expertise and fabrication capabilities enable artists and designers to realize their creative vision. Our experience creating temporary and permanent art installations allows us to deliver beautiful, functional, and durable products within even the most challenging design and use conditions. Whatever the medium, Captive Spark has the expertise and capabilities to transform our client’s ideas into tangible products using custom solutions, from the latest machining technology to the most detailed artisan craftsmanship and hand finishing.


Captive Spark fabrication and manufacturing services focus on the custom needs of clients. This synthesis of design and manufacturing enables rapid innovation and problem solving. The end result is a high-quality, cost-efficient end product made to exacting customer specifications.


Captive Spark collaborates with clients in order to deliver unique solutions and stunning results. Initial meetings are conducted to formulate an effective strategy and develop a clear understanding of the client’s objectives, business insights, and unique vision.


Captive Spark keeps projects on budget and on time by coordinating processes, material deliveries, fabrication, installation, and inspection. Our knowledgeable project managers drive projects through the production and execution phases, ensuring all requirements are clearly communicated and any requested changes are reflected in the final execution. Project managers work to anticipate the needs of clients and other project partners to minimize delays and deliver a high quality finished piece.